Lucas gets into town

After quite the travel ordeal I arrived in San Francisco late last night and couldn't wait to get up this morning and try out the new bike. After a few adjustments we headed off into the city, right away I was impressed with how smooth and surprisingly fast the bike felt. We rode across the golden gate bridge and into the Marin Highlands where we tested the bikes on some decent climbs. I was pleasantly surprised with the gearing as the climbs were far easier then I had anticipated. Riding with Joe for the first time was great and I can't wait to start our crossing. Luckily we have a lot to keep us occupied the next few days as otherwise I fear I might get a little stir crazy in anticipation for the start.
In other exciting news I met the partners of the company Health Warrior at the CT challenge and they have offered to fuel us with some of their products. From the sample I tried at the CT Challenge I am quite sure this will have a very positive impact on our trip. Check them out at While on the topic of the CT Challenge we will proudly be wearing their jerseys coast to coast to help promote their mission of empowering cancer survivors. You can check them out at as well you can donate through the following link - Lucas


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