Chia arrives!

Following a hilly day of riding we arrived back at our friend's apartment in San Francisco slightly exhausted and chilled from the fog, our spirits soared when we spotted a UPS package from Health Warrior! ( Inside were six glorious pounds of Chia seeds. If you are unfamiliar with Chia seeds picture a more refined silky poppy seed, if that doesn't conjure an appropriate mental image reminisce back to the days of Chia pets- they are in fact the same seeds. If you are not yet at the same excitement level as us this might be the time to point out the plethora of nutritional benefits stemming from the seed. The seeds are packed with omega 3's, calcium, fiber, magnesium, antioxidants, and protein, all great for energy and endurance. In fact the seeds are the favored food source of the Tarahumara indians who are considered the best long distance runners in the world, and have since been championed by countless endurance athletes from all different disciplines. Although my personal favorite attribute is the seeds amazing ability to absorb 10X their size in water which makes them a tour de force in hydration methods. Did I mention that you can add them to virtually anything- think smoothies to salads.  You get the picture, they will be perfect for our trip and we are excited!


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