Final Prep

Today is the last day before we get on the road. Both Lucas and I are getting really antsy and ready to get riding. Yesterday we did some final prep for the take off. We finalized what we were taking with us, packed, and also decided what food we would carry with us for the first few days. We also looked into where we will be staying the first night and ironically it is Fairfield, CA, named by a ship captain from Fairfield, CT.  We called around and had some trouble finding a camp ground, so I ended up calling Solano Community College, just outside Fairfield, and they were nice enough to let us pop tent on their campus for the first night. Our bikes are ready to go, and we finally think we have all the needed accessories, big thanks to Bay Area Bikes, Glenda and Clay, and all the guys at the shop, Dale, John, and Matthew, for helping us get what we need and letting us take over their shop to put it all together. Donations for Simply Smiles and CT Challenge are starting to roll in, thanks to all who have helped out, and if you still want to donate visit our Simply Smiles page or our CT Challenge page. Be sure to come see us off tomorrow if your in the Bay Area, at 2424 Webster St. Oakland, CA 94612we will be having breakfast provided by Farley's at 9am-10am and will start riding at 10am sharp, along with anyone who wants to join for the first few miles.


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