Over the Sierra Nevada! August 11

I doubt a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale has ever tasted better, after spending two days climbing 10,000+ ft in it's namesake mountain range it does the trick. The views in Carson pass at 8,571 feet were surreal, imagine dark blue lakes surrounded by horse pastures framed in by snow fields. The rangers told us that the pass received 874 inches of snow this year and that it was still waist deep on the fourth of July. While resting at the peak some hikers who overheard what we had just accomplished overwhelmed us with cookies, bananas and walnut bread. In preparation for the descent we donned windbreakers to slow us down. Even so it was a struggle to stay around 35mph without overheating the breaks. After 40 minutes of this I had trouble comprehending the fact that we had just climbed this height, and even more shockingly at a current elevation of 5,400 feet we are still higher then we were last night.


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