Longest Day Yet. August 16

Both Lucas and I were on our bikes for longer than we ever have been in one ride today. We were traveling for 9 hours and on the saddle for 8. It was a long day with 80 miles ahead of us we hoped for easy slopes and tail winds, however we got headwinds and four massive climbs. Finally though, the Nevada landscape has been giving way to small changes. The valleys are getting greener and the mountain passes not so simply up and down, the change in scenery makes the riding go by way faster. We met some cool people today too. One guy pulled over and asked us if we would go through his town in Utah (which we are) and gave us his card with the promise of taking us out when we got there. We told him we would see him in a few days. We also met a biker from New Jersey where were staying tonight. He gave us some useful tips on places to stay in the up coming days and for later on in our trip.


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