This will be my 2nd tour & Joe's 3rd. Last year we biked from Charleston, SC to Key West, FL. That was my first time ever doing something like that and I loved it! You meet so many people and see things that you would never see when driving by in a car. So we decided to do another one! September 1st is when were heading out! So stoked!!! This is our plan so far & it could extend back to Maine.

We're getting all of our gear ready. It's a TON to think about and looking at our long packing list you would never think all of that could fit on 2 bikes. BUT it can and every ounce counts. You have to start packing this early so you don't miss anything.

Anyways, we'll be blogging everyday and this is where you can keep track of us :)

✌︎ Devon


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