Our Route

This is the overview of our route. We will be averaging 70 miles a day definitely be going off track sporadically to see awesome places like the Grand Canyon. We're so stoked!!!

Starting our adventure with the Southern Tier:
1. St.Augustine, FL to DeFuniak Springs, FL (424.5 mi.)
2. DeFuniak Springs, FL to New Roads, LA (441.5 mi.)
3. New Roads, LA to Navasota, TX (385 mi.)
4. Navasota, TX to Del Rio, TX (431.5 mi.)
5. Del Rio, TX to El Paso, TX (452 mi.)
6. El Paso, TX to Tempe, AZ (522 mi.)

ALSO (not shown in the map) The Grand Canyon Detour:
1. Tempe, AZ to Cedar City, UT (573 mi.)
2. Cedar City, UT to Las Vegas, NV (171 mi.)
3. Las Vegas, NV to Glamis, CA (269 mi.)
4. Glamis, CA to San Diego, CA (155 mi.)

Next is the Pacific Coast:
1. San Diego, CA to Santa Barbara, CA (~240 mi.)
2. Santa Barbara, CA to San Francisco, CA (382.5 mi.)
3. San Francisco, CA to Crescent City, CA (412 mi.)
4. Crescent City, CA to Astoria, OR (407.5 mi.)
5. Astoria, OR to Vancouver, BC (401.5 mi.)


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