La Loma Del Chivo

Dryden -> Marathon, TX: 76 miles
Time on bikes: 6:29hrs 

We had an awesome day…it was just easy constant riding. We had another tail wind and that seems like its going to be the trend for the next week of so. Even though we were heading up hill sightly all day the riding seems to fly by. The scenery was incredibly mountainous. Not what we expected Texas to look like. I was expecting FLAT, nothing for miles, dirt, and tumbleweeds. However, the more we head towards western Texas, the more we are seeing the dirt and cactus terrain. 

So at the moment I’m sitting at La Loma Del Chivo, this very interesting place in Marathon, TX. The place is super cool! Reminds me of the pictures I’ve seen of the Burning Man festival. We pulled up after a long day and another cyclist, Bill, had just arrived! Not too long after that 2 more girls pulled up, Thea & Alicia. It was awesome & we just talked all night & told stories of our travels. Once again, hearing of the awesome people we had to stay with and places we had to see. 

Its morning time now and we were planning on biking 30 miles to Alpine, renting a car, & driving south to Big Bend National Park. We’ve seen awesome pictures and we definitely want to go check it out! BUT it is Sunday and Joe found out that the car place isn’t open today. Since we definitely want to see Big Bend we’re going to take a break day and bike 30 miles to Alpine to hangout for the day. We just said bye to Thea & Alicia…they are off to Dryden & Del Rio! At the moment its sprinkling and cloudy. Its our first rainy day since Louisiana. With that being said we are taking our time…we are in no rush to get to Alpine. 


Just getting into town - we stopped at The White Buffalo Bar to have a beer

I love outdoor kitchens!

the roof top

 Bill, Alicia, Thea, Joe, Devon


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