Cold, rainy days

October 18, 2015
Tempe, AZ > Wickenburg, AZ: 73 miles 
Time: 5:57 hrs 

I’ll start with showing the elevation map for the next several days:

We left Dan & Jenny’s house and began biking on these cool bike paths along canals. I think we made a record for how many times we stopped at a dunkin donuts. As we left Phoenix there wasn’t much of anything. It was just a long road of nothing & I did not want to be biking. Probably due to too much caffeine…so I learned from that. We finally made it to Wickenburg and stocked up on groceries for dinner. As I was getting groceries, Joe met a nice guy that went to Florida Tech…the same school that Joe went to! I think that’s pretty crazy, but anyways after that we went to Aztec RV park and set up camp. Beverly runs the RV park and she is the sweetest lady. She gave us laundry detergent and big fluffy towels so that we didn’t have to use our tiny, not fluffy camp towels :)

Biked through a 1/2 iron man competition in Tempe

October 19, 2015
Wickenburg, AZ > Prescott, AZ: 62 miles 
Time: 6:02 hrs 

As you can see on the elevation chart, yesterday was a lot of uphill! We were expecting a difficult day into Prescott. Luckily, the ride wasn’t difficult at all. Those charts are deceiving! As soon as we got to Yarnell (at the top of one hill) we realized today was not going to be as bad as expected. We stopped at a gallery where we met Pete the Minor! Pete was awesome, he worked on Extreme Home Makeover for 8 years. My favorite show!! He also gave me an awesome shirt that I am currently wearing :) After the gallery we headed to the diner...It rained a little as we were eating lunch and then was cloudy and cold the rest of the day. No bueno. Joe and I got into Prescott around 5pm and we were more than ready for a warm shower! & Rus was more than welcoming! After we arrived he headed to the store to get groceries for dinner. Us made shepherds pie…YUM!!!! A bowl filled with deliciousness. While eating dinner we watched The Iron Giant, my favorite movie as a kid! We had great sleep in a comfy bed and woke up to coffee! However, at the moment it is FREEZING outside and just got done raining. I really don't want to bike today and be very cold...the sun is no where to be found :( but I guess its supposed to rain tomorrow too so we are about to get on our bikes. 


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