Snow on the Horizon

October 20, 2015
Prescott, AZ -> Ash Fork: 54 miles
Time on bikes: 4:23hrs

Russ made us a delicious breakfast! Eggs, sausage, eggs, and fruit salad...sooooo good. He was the best host. Thanks again Russ! We ended up hanging out at his house for the morning to wait out the rain. Once the rain stopped we headed out of town and only made it about 20 miles before we had to take cover in a coffee shop. We didn't get back on the road until afternoon and still had about 40 miles to go. Joe and I wanted to make it further than we did, but it was very cold and we definitely didn't want to be biking when the sun went down. Ended up getting a motel in Ash was $30, almost the same price as camping. So of course we picked motel! Apparently it's the cheapest motel in Arizona haha and we were very surprised that it wasn't so bad on the inside.

Leaving Russ' house

Hey...that's me! 

waiting out the storm

October 21, 2015
Ash Fork, AZ -> Valle: 50 miles
Time on bikes: 4:40hrs

I TELL YOU's been COLD! Yesterday was 40° and today was so much worst. It was so cold this morning that we decided to wait until 9 to start biking. It wasn't much warmer though. Cloudy, rainy, and headwinds! We thought we were going to freeze. Took a long break at a grocery store and stocked up! We got a TON...this is what we ended up with: mashed potatoes, 40 tortillas, granola, pasta, pasta sauce, box of raisins, oatmeal, pop tarts, 2 individual fruit roll ups, small Parmesan cheese shaker, pancake mix, razors, hash browns, & beans w/rice. That's way more than we ever have but that will last us a while! And the worst part is that we can't really carry fruit or vegetables unless they are freeze dried :/ or if we buy them right before dinner of course. After getting groceries we headed to Valle about 20 miles away. It was a cold 20 miles! We were going to go further but we can't bike as fast when it's this cold...especially when I'm wearing 2 jackets and pants! Can you believe I'm still cold...while exercising...and wearing that much clothes! Good thing we stopped in Valle, because there were black clouds coming and it was getting colder and colder. While I was making dinner I saw mountains about 10 miles away with snow!! We stayed at this cool campground themed after the Flintstones haha

We were warned that this road has a lot of crap on the shoulder! 

 trying not to freeze while cooking dinner

Sunset w/ a thunderstorm

It's morning time now and we're about to head to the Grand Canyon!!! WHOO! So excited!! 


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