October 13, 2015

We took a break day! I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking for the next 3 days, but this day we stayed up in Gila Springs and went to some cliff dwellings! Victor, a really cool hiker, ended up camping next to us and we hung out with him around a fire. He's been hiking for 4 months now and has less than a week left of his trip! ( Joe's talking about how this might be the next adventure. Maybe hike the AT in 2017?!??!

camp the night before

this was about 100ft from our tent 

Coffee water!

 hiking up to the cliff dwellings

October 14, 2015
Silver City, NM -> Mule Creek: 58miles
Time on bikes: 4:31hrs

Soo...we got a ride from Gila Springs to Silver City. Our route basically takes us up to the springs and dead ends there so we have to turn around and bike back over the same mountain. Joe and I were not stoked on that. A couple was generous enough to give us a ride back over the mountain and we started biking around 1pm from Silver City. We made it 58 miles after 1pm so that wasn't too bad. Our goal was to make it just over the border into Arizona, but it got dark and we stopped a little early in Mule Creek and camped outside of a community center (the gate was open).

October 15, 2015
Mule Creek, NM -> Safford, Arizona!: 56 miles
Time on bikes: 4:40 hours 

Well we could have gone a lot further today. We didn't realize that Arizona does not acknowledge daylight savings and it was way earlier than we thought. We thought we were getting in around 4 or 5 and really after hanging around for a while it still was only 4! That being said today was a pretty easy day. We climbed out of camp for an hour or two then had one of the most beautiful and fun downhill rides for about 14 miles. We eat lunch at the bottom and drank coffee as we discussed our favorite candies. Biking gives you quite the sweet tooth. We left lunch into another hour climb that looked like it would be rough but the time passed easily and soon we were heading downhill to our final destination. Only one thing. We had a nice stiff headwind. So what should have been an easy coast into town, was a fight like another uphill. O well overall the day was still easy. Warm Showers tonight, we need the chance to do laundry and recharge. We will try for 100 miles tomorrow. 


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