Neighborhood Potluck

October 16, 2015
Safford, AZ -> Superior: 107miles

Whew!! This was my second century & we had the winds on our side pushing us the whole way! Joe and I didn't check how long it took us but we were definitely going 20mph most of the time. We kept the stops short because we knew we had a lot of miles to go. Many people advised us not to go all the way to Superior and just stop in Globe, because it was a tough ride. Of course we wanted to prove them wrong. Even the nice couple we were staying with this night (Charles and Mari) didn't quite think we would make it. Mari drives from town to town as part of her job and she saw us multiple times. Once early in the morning just as we started and she called Charles and told him she saw us biking and that we probably weren't going to make it :P haha Well we made it! Arrived at their house just before it started raining a little. This was our favorite Warm Showers so far! Mari is quite the artist and does rock sculpting. This past year Joe started sculpting a falcon and never finished & Mari had a lot of advice/wisdom to share! She also gave us a ton of books to look at including some art ones for me. Oh yeah...& we stayed in their airstream next-door! I've always wanted to see the inside of an airstream. We had a TV that only played movies so of course we had to watch a couple :) Not to mention there was starbucks coffee packets in the morning. Great stay! Thanks Charles & Mari!

and we're off...

The top of this mountain is called The Top of the wasn't that tall. 

CHEERS to another 100+ mile day! 

one of their three cute dogs :)

October 17, 2015
Superior, AZ -> Tempe: ~60miles

Today was mostly downhill. No complaints here! However, Joe did have a tire blow out today. He wasn't quite paying attention and ran over something crazy! This was the first time we've had to change an actual tire and not just the tube. Luckily we had plans to stop at an REI in Tempe. As soon as either of us get a flat tire we try to replace the spare asap. We got to Tempe and spent at least 2 hours in REI. Also stocking up on new, warmer sleeping bags. We've been freezing lately at night, but of course its about 70 degrees here in Tempe tonight. The warmer sleeping bags will be a life saver in the Grand Canyon though. It's hard to believe we will be in the Grand Canyon in a few days!!! So exciting!! Anyways, we had a Warm Showers lined up for tonight, but never got the address. Once we finished with REI we decided to get the address to their house and head that way. We thought it was about 25 miles from REI...nope. It was more like 40 miles away which would have made it another 100 mile day. I did NOT want to do that 2 days in a row! So we had to figure out a new plan sort of was 3pm and that doesn't leave ANY notice for people to have us at their house. Todd & Judy (a couple cycling that we met a few weeks ago) told us about Jenny & Dan who live in Tempe. Joe and I wanted to go further than Tempe, but like I said...we really didn't have much time & I already had Jenny & Dan's number written down in my sketchbook. We called them and they were happy to have us even though they were getting ready for a neighborhood potluck! How sweet of them...they even invited us to go with them. It was awesome!! Great food, live music, and lots of people to talk to :) Timing couldn't have been better! We are very thankful Jenny & Dan let us stay on such short notice.

A dad w/ his 2 daughters on violins. They were awesome! 


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