Hills & More Hills

Itchetucknee -> Madison, FL: 74.18 miles
Average speed: 12 mph
Time on bike: 6hrs 9 min

We woke up at 5:30 am and got on the road by 7:00. Being the first night camping we are still perfecting our pack up efficiency. We knew we had a long day ahead so we wanted to get moving before it got hot. The first stop was in Wellborn and the main priority was to make a stop at the post office to unload some inevitably unnecessary items. We got rid of a pound or two! Now we're ready for some hill climbing. Florida is surprisingly hilly. The day went really smoothly and pretty easy excepting the final 12 miles or so. It was really hot by then and we were ready to be off the bikes. Our legs are getting back in shape and aren't really sore anymore. The butt and shoulders haven't caught up yet. A few more days and I bet 75 miles won't be nearly as bad. When we got into town (Madison, Fl) we stopped by the local fire station and scored a free place to camp and shower! Booyah! The guys at the fire station were more then welcoming. We had coffee and afternoon snacks at a great coffee shop. The owners we really friendly! Maybe we will have to get a late start and fuel up! Tallahassee tomorrow!

Great lunch spot! 

Great coffee shop & great people! Madison Coffee Co. Madison, FL (check them out on Facebook)


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