A Break in Austin

September 23-26, 2015

We had a nice long break in Austin & didn't get on our bikes once! We stayed with our friends Brian & Michelle who were awesome enough to drive us and show us around. It was like Christmas when we arrived. We had packages from family, a new tent, and a few other things waiting at Brian & Michelle's house :) Lots of thanks and love go to: Grandma, Shannon, & my mama for the cards, energy bars & watch/heart rate monitor that I've been using everyday! Also thanks to Nectar Sunglasses for sending me some for my trip!! I went halfway across the country without sunglasses...I'm very happy now! (https://www.nectarsunglasses.com) If you haven't been to Austin then you should plan a trip. Honestly, I didn't expect it to be so awesome & also didn't realize how many outdoor activities there were. The four of us went to a natural spring that basically looked like a swimming pool. We also went wake boarding and hung out by the lake. Joe went flying for the first time since we've been on this trip. For anyone who doesn't know...Joe flies Paramotors...look it up :) It's awesome. Ummm lets see we went out downtown and to the movies. Good times...thanks again Brian & Michelle!

Almosssssst there

Barton Springs

John w/ his Jon boat 

Fin's first time on the boat!! 

Sunday September 27, 2015
Austin -> Johnson City, TX: 51 miles

So of course Joe and I are feeling sick the day that we're supposed to be leaving Austin. Joe had been feeling sick the past couple days & I've had something lingering since we left in the beginning of September. I told myself I would go to the doctor if I was still sick after visiting Austin, so we did. First thing in the morning we went to the doctor and got some prescriptions. After a long morning of that nonsense we headed towards Fredricksburg. It was a rough day, but we managed to get some miles under our belt. I was feeling so sick at one point so we stopped by the only place around & it happened to be a brewery haha. The people there were awesome! They gave me some gatorade & free lunch! We hung out there for a couple hours and realized we should probably get going since we had about 50 miles to go still and it was already 2pm. We didn't make it all the way to Fredricksburg...it was about to get dark so we went down to Pecan Street Brewing to ask people about camping in town. Melanie was sooo helpful and she gave us free soup. It was the sweetest & perfect thing for us to eat considering we're still a little sick.  We talked to a few people and ended up setting up our tent near the river. A PERFECT spot to watch the lunar eclipse :) 


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