Free Dinner on Tuesdays!

Tuesday September 15, 2015
Baton Rouge, FL -> Innis: 63 miles
Average speed: 11.8mph
Time on bikes: 5:17 hrs

We left Baton Rouge in the morning and got a little lost trying to get back on our map. Once we got moving back on the ACA route we were going though a part of town with a large sholder but it had lost of debris. Of course we got another flat. At this rate as my dad had pointed out we will go through 100 tubes this year! Hopefully this will not be the case. As we left Baton Rouge we were back on route 61, a pretty busy road but with a wide shoulder. We munched fresh green beans as we passed the morning away. I spotted a horse shoe on the side of the road at one point (see below). Around noon we started toward New Roads and crossed the Mississippi River and stopped for a break in the middle. Beautiful bridge. We stopped for lunch in New Roads and cooked lunch (pasta salad) out side of a Dollar store. Sometime times on bike tours I wonder what people think we are doing with a camp stove out cooking pasta on the side walk, they most likely think we’re homeless I’m sure, but then we start talking to people and they quickly realize this is not the case. We got moving and stopped by a local vet to fill out water bottles. One of the doctors said we might be able to stay with a fire department a few towns up and gave us her name so we could say she sent us. Perfect. As we made it into Innes we crossed over some flood gates and saw an area where the river has broke through a levy and flooded a huge area of agriculture. Once we got to Innes our route took us on a few mile bend towards the river, apparently for no reason but there was small restaurant and we decided to stop. Im glad we did! We found out there was going to be free dinner for the locals and we got an invite! We said we would deffinitily come back after we found a place to set up our tent. As we went down the road Devon spotted a camp site. Only five bucks to camp in this couples back yard. We set up and I took a hose sower while Devon got invited inside to shower. Once we made it back to the restaurant for dinner we were greeted by all of the very friendly locals. Most of which had seemed to already know about “the bikers” .  We eat dinner (which was delicious) with one of the local families and after chatting with them for a while they insisted that we stay with them in the house down the road. Jason, his wife, and there two daughters couldn’t have been nicer. They let us bring our bikes into their home and sleep in one of the girls beds. We have been so lucky to meet so many great people on this trip and we have only just started!


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