Devon's First Century!

Monday September 14, 2015
New Orleans, LA -> Baton Rouge: 102 miles
Average speed: 12.9mph
Time on bikes: 7:56 hours 

Booyah Devon does her first 100 mile day…. With ease!

We left New Orleans and our new friends Emily and Owen around 7:00 am. Unfortunately our perfect departure was abruptly delayed due to a flat tire less than 20 feet from the front door of Owens house! Devon caught a piece of wire in her sidewall. We quickly got that sorted and opted for bagels and coffee at a local bagel shop. Once we were finally on the road it was around 7:30 and we had a great 40 miles of riding on the paved Mississippi river trail on top of the levee. We also had about a 12-mile an hour tail wind in the morning and increasing all day!

Riding the levee was so nice! We really got to see a lot of the city. Once we were off the trail we got on a pretty main road on the way to Baton Rouge. We stopped for a quick lunch and as we eat Devon made the decision that we would shoot for a 90 mile (ended up being a bit longer) day as she was feeling “like we hadn’t bike at all” at 40 miles. She’s getting super strong! Warming up for the hills ahead! We ended up crusing at about 18mph most the way to the city

We made it into Baton Rouge around 5. Unfortunately we didn’t yet have a place to camp or stay so we decided to go to a local coffee by LSU to see if we could got some info. Right as we walked in we saw another touring cyclist talking with a guy there! I love seeing other tourists! Her name was Christina and she was just about to complete riding down the entire Mississippi river. It was fun hearing about her ride. I really enjoy seeing what other gear people are using and how they have their bikes set up. As we were talking with her I got a call from one of the Warm showers people I had contacted. Goldie said we could stay the night! She was super nice and let us stay in a guest room. We really enjoyed talking with her and listening to Bon Iver! Just after Devon and I cleaned up we rushed back into town and grabbed a quick bite to eat. Now were both extremely tired. Good night!

P.S. tailwinds are the best!

We made a page of "our favorites" for a scrapbook 
that Goldie & Phillip keep about cyclists that stay at their house :)


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