Chico State Park

Wednesday September 16, 2015
Innis, LA -> Chicot State Park: 66 miles
Time on bikes: 5:56hrs

Our morning started with some oatmeal w/ trail mix. We headed towards Simmesport and the weather was perfect! The air was cool and the sun was shining through the trees :) We made a pitstop for coffee (of course) and joe spilled the coffee all over the place. We kept hearing the crop dusting plane while biking and I was hoping it would come close to us so I could get a picture! We didn't see it for a while until we saw a plane land right next to us! Joe was so a little kid. It was awesome haha he went and talked to the pilot and the pilot said he would have taken him on a ride if there was room. After we watched the plane take off again a little kitten jumped on my bike! Ahhh it was soo cute I wanted to take it with me :) 

The rest of the day was hot hot hot! We stopped by a local seafood restaurant and had lunch. Then we headed to Chicot State Park where we got a campsite for $6. Woot woot! That's how camping should be. We got the "primitive" camping though. Which means no electric, no water...just a place to pop your tent! We do get to use the showers and bathrooms though so it's just as good as anything else. 

We took showers right away and put some bugspray on because we knew the bugs would be bad when the sun went down. Our skin was on FIRE from that stuff! We were sweating our butts off...meanwhile making our way to the campsite like a mile into the woods. I couldn't help but laugh when we were on this dirt trail. Joe was going soooo slow trying to not run into spider webs and I was getting eaten alive by clearly the burning bug repellent was not working. Also our bikes do not do well off-roading with all of our gear so I just thought the situation was hilarious :P all of that was so worth it...we set up camp right by the water and the sunset was beautiful! However we forgot to get dinner so we were forced to eat peanut butter sandwiches with the 3 pieces of bread that we had left. Oh well, we do still have oatmeal left for breakfast...just delicious, plain, tasteless oatmeal :) It could be worse.  

P.s. Joe wants me to mention that he was super tired writing that last post. That's why some of it made no sense :P


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