To the Caverns & the end of our map!

September 6, 2015 

Tallahassee, FL -> Marianna: 75miles
Average speed: 11.9mph
Time on bike: 6:29hrs

Our day was originally going to be 40 miles and sort of an easy day. However the planned destination turned out to be not all that exciting and had no where for us to camp. So we decided to tack on an extra 35 miles or so and make it to a state park that has camping and a tour of some underground caverns that we are going to tour this morning. The riding to the park was enjoyable, it was a bit cooler than normal and the hills have flattened out once again. Right of the bat out of Tallahase we got out first flat tire from a staple of all things! We sorted that out quickly and we're back on the road. The next break we took was in Quincy, where we met a guy who was walking around the country. We are both very happy to not be moving that slow and at least we have a breeze on the bikes to combat the blazing Florida heat. We ended up staying at the camp grounds at the caverns so we could wake up and catch the first tour at 9:00 am. Its a beautiful camp site and its a bit cooler tonight! And we biked into a new time zone!!!

September 7, 2015

Marianna, FL -> De Funiak Springs: 64miles
Average Speed: 12.7mph
Time on bikes: 5hrs

We got to sleep in this morning!! We wanted to see the caverns in Marianna before we left town so we grabbed the 9am tour. The caverns were awesome! The tour was about an hour long and we walked room to room and saw all the different formations. This particular cavern was never know about until a tree fell down and its root ball pulled up a small section of limestone which caused a collapse in the cavern below and exposed the first known entrance. We got a pretty late start once the tour ended and we were dragging so we took a pitstop to drink some coffee and get moving. The day was easy for the most part and we didn't see anything too exciting. BUT we did get to the end of the first map, De Funiak Springs!!! Map 1 out of 7 down, but that's just to San Diego. There will be more maps after that of course. Now we're at the Fire Department in De Funiak and they are more than welcoming once again. It's awesome and we are sooo very thankful. We have our tent popped up in the back of the station and thats all we need! However, they did let us use their stove, laundry, & shower :) Laundry was much needed!!


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