Bike Trip Tailgating!

Saturday September 6, 2015
Madison, FL -> Tallahassee: 60 miles
Average speed: 12mph
Time on bikes: 5.09hrs 

We ended up not camping outside the fire station in Madison. We were in our tent about to go to sleep and a fireman came outside and said that we should sleep in the front office because a bad storm was coming. That was super nice of him & we had to pack up everything we had just unpacked so it wouldn’t get wet.  Lets just say we slept very well all thanks to the Madison Fire Department.

The day pretty much consisted of pedaling. Just keep rollin, rollin, rollin. We stopped by a farmers market and got scuppernongs, peaches, & a banana and it was so delicious!!  The peaches were amazing.  For a snack we usually just eat cashews,  a granola bar, or beef jerky that our friend Trey made for us (thanks Trey!!).  But it was nice having delicious juicy fruit for a change J I think the only other place where we stopped was a dock that I saw people fishing off of. It was so pretty I wanted to take a photo break.  See below J

Then we finally got to Tallahassee…whew!! I did not know that there were hills in this part of Florida, or in Florida in general.  With that being said I will probably not be biking through Tallahassee again. That city is one giant hill.  We happened to be biking into the city the same day there was a big football game so (Joe is now writing the rest of this post) that was fun! We ended up tailgating with my friend Jason Cook’s friends that he got us in touch with. As we were waiting to meet up we met some other locals that we had some food and drinks with as well. The entire tailgating experience was pretty fun. A storm started coming up on us pretty quick so we rushed out of the stadium area a bit abruptly to find the warm showers place we were staying. We found it just before the rain and the hosts were more than welcoming. The guys were all avid cyclists and have done and were planning their own bike tours. Also college students at FSU and worked at local bike shops as well as did bike delivery for Jimmy Johns subs. They made us a delicious dinner as well, home made mac and cheese and steamed broccoli. Exactly what we needed! One of them was working that night doing deliveries from 11-4:30AM! Cycling! So he was extremely generous and let Devon and I sleep in his bed. He figured we would be up only an hour after he got home any way. He was correct. 5:30 AM our day started again.

A Joe & Devon


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