First Rainy Day

Gulf Shores, AL -> Grand Bay, AL: 55miles
Average speed: 12mph
Time on Bike: 4:30hrs

We went slow this morning and had our complimentary breakfast from the hotel :) Once we realized we weren't getting our mail in time we decided to forget about our packages and start biking. We got on the road at about 11am and of course 10 miles down the road we got a notification that our packages got delivered. By that time we didn't want to go back. We had to catch a ferry to Dauphin Island and didn't have time. 20 miles later...with some headwinds, we made it to the ferry and could tell it was about to start storming soon, but the ferry ride was really nice! Once we got off the ferry we checked out a local art gallery. Then we headed towards Grand Bay where we knew we had a house to stay at.  We knew we were heading straight into a storm, but we just went for it. Joe ended up getting a flat tire just as this black cloud was about to come over us. That was probably the fastest I've ever seen someone change a tire. But he got it fixed and we basically rode in the rain he rest of the day. Joe & I didn't mind at all...we kind of enjoyed it for once. Anyways, we made it to Ric & Kim's house. Once again, super nice family. They host SO many cyclists that their future plans are to make their back shed a bunk room for travelers. They made a delicious dinner with asparagus, broccoli, pasta salad and pork! They even had like 5 options for dessert YUMMMMMM We can't thank them enough! Ok, off to bed. Sorry if this was boring...I was trying to have a conversation while writing this at the same time.


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