1,900 ft of Climbing

Richards, TX -> La Grange: 91miles
Time on bike: 8:09hrs

Who knew Texas was full of hills?! Long day with literally nothing but beautiful hills and this is just the beginning for us! Our maps that we use on this trip are from Adventure Cycling Association (ACA). They make the best maps for cyclist and take you on the best/quietest roads they can find. The maps have campsites, grocery stores, gas stations, bike shops, restaurants and more that are directly on our route. ASA also has a summary on each map of traffic and road conditions ahead! So basically we trust these maps 100%. With that being said, we have 7 maps that take us from St. Augustine to San Diego and we have gotten through 3 already! We started our 4th map today (Navasota, TX to Del Rio) and it is our first map with an elevation chart! It's really awesome how ASA does that for you, however I'm not sure if I like knowing when the next giant hill is :P We climbed 1,900 ft today with all of the hills combined. It wasn't too bad at all...just really hot. After Austin comes the real hills. Some cyclists have said that those hills were worse than the Rocky's...not sure how true that is but OH BOY am I excited for those days haha. 

This morning I noted that we've almost crossed half of the country and I have only been to a few art galleries :/ and VOILA we happen to be biking through 15 MILES of antiques & art. This event happens twice a year in Round Top, a town with a population of 70 people. It was awesome but there was quite a bit of traffic for the second half of our day. 

At the moment we are in La Grange at an RV park. It's a good end to our long day! It was only $12 for a tent spot, a shower, a POOL, and laundry! Not to mention we are hanging out in the community center with a TV, comfy couch, kitchen, wifi, and coffffeeee! We hit the jackpot here haha and thankfully sleeping in a little tomorrow (7-8am) since we did a long day today. 

a picture from yesterday that I would like to share :)

& this donkey was outside of the camper that we got to stay in yesterday

 Lunch spot!


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