Texas Hill Country

September 28, 2015
Johnson City -> Kerrville, TX: 73miles
Time on bikes: 6:30hrs 

Basically just went up hills, down hills, up hills, down hills…all day. We had lunch in a cute town called Fredricksburg! We went to a cool burger place in town called Burger Burger. Then a random guy ran out of an Italian Restaurant and gave us a loaf of nice bread. He said that he’s a cyclist as well and he knows that we could use some bread :) We ended up eating the bread with dinner that night. While we were calling campsites, we realized that we didn’t look for any Warm Showers in Kerrville & there happened to be one! Fred & Janice, the sweetest couple ever! They both cycle regularly and hosted 30 cyclist last year! Joe and I were there first guests since March…since we are doing this tour a little earlier than most people. Fred & Janice made spaghetti and we toasted some of that bread from earlier. Everything was delicious!! Not to mention we had some sangria & delicious yogurt w/fruit dessert :)

I added the elevation chart so you can see what hills we went through. 


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