Beautiful Cold Springs

Thursday September 3, 2015
Gainsville, FL -> Itchetucknee: 48.5 miles
Average speed: 12mph
Time on bikes: ~5hrs (we’re not too sure)

So, Joe and I have this planned out pretty well.  Our timeline is to bike through Florida -> Texas around end of summer/fall. Then be biking through the southwest region just before winter so we don’t hit the mountain passes in snow.  BUT no one told us that it would be hot in Florida now. Just kidding…but seriously its HOT.

Today we started slow, once again, but started with a delicious breakfast from Martha & Tom! Martha had to escort us through their driveway/bike trail through the woods. We mailed some stuff to us this morning using general delivery. General delivery will save us this trip- it’s a service where you can send mail to anyone to be picked up at a post office.  We also gave the bikes a quick tune up (topped off the tire pressure, oil chains). We met some nice men at Starbucks that told us we HAD to stay at the springs, so we decided to cut our day short 20 miles (thank YOU J)  

On the way to the springs we had lunch at a local diner then stopped by a sinkhole that was pretty cool…I didn’t know that was something that people wanted to go look at. It was definitely beautiful though.  We got to the springs and the water was crystal blue!  We were so excited to go swimming, but the water was freeeeezing. Like ice water…realistically 72°.  It was awesome though & we met more nice people of course.

We ended up camping for our first night at a campground across the street from the springs (in Ichetucknee).  Sadly, we weren’t allowed to camp right next to the springs.  Tomorrow we shoot for Madison, FL.

Thanks for checking in J - Devon


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