We're Famous!

September 22, 2015
La Grange -> Cedar Creek: easy 50miles
Time on bikes: 4:11hrs

Slept in a bit! That felt gooood. I didn't want oatmeal again so we headed straight to Latte on the Square and had one of the best breakfast paninis ever! Joe met a nice lady in line that ended up coming back to the coffee shop with a local journalist, Andy, who asked us about our story. We may be in the local paper haha so cool! We were lazy until about 1030 and then decided we should probably start biking. So we were off to Bastrop & it ended up being a very cool town! It seems that every town we get into there's a sign that says "Most historic small town in Texas"...? Didn't seem that small to me! We had lunch at Gracie's. A local said they have the best burgers and they were DELICIOUS. Except Joe had a cream cheese burger and that just sounds gross. Once again we were lazy and hung out near the river :) I guess we were also waiting for it to cool down. Our plan was to stay in Bastrop for the night because we were doing 2 short days into Austin, but we decided to go about 12 miles further. Just outside of town we came to a bridge that had fallen in and the detour would have been 5 miles out of the way. So we just climbed our way through it :) We made our way down some beautiful back roads and arrived at Cedar Creek where a church let us pitch our tent in their yard! Sounds good to us...we'll be in Austin early in the morning! And then 3 break days!!! Wooooooo


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