Gainsville, FL

Palatka -> Gainesville, FL: 55.49 miles
Average speed: 12mph
Time on bikes: 4hr 49 min

Today was beautiful!! We we’re mainly biking on paths through the woods and only got a little rain. We met a cool guy, Bill, who we talked and biked with for a while. It’s amazing how many people you meet when you’re traveling on a bicycle. Also really funny seeing people’s faces when we say we are headed to Vancouver…& we are only in Florida.

Anyways…just for a little insight, Joe and I are ready to camp everyday. We have our tent, sleeping bags, cookware…etc. However, there is this awesome thing called Warm Showers where cyclists offer their home for the night and tonight we have a place to stay! You can’t find Warm Showers everywhere, but tonight we have A/C, dinner, and great hosts! Tom and Martha just outside of Gainesville were nice enough to have us stay for the night. They have a beautiful house that is tucked away in the woods and a bike path very close by! Martha actually bikes to work everyday, which I think is just awesome. They cooked an awesome squash casserole dinner and we chatted about all the cyclists that they have had come stay at their house :) & now the alarm is set for 5:30am! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings


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