Weekend in New Orleans!

Helllllo! We've been having a great time in New Orleans...hence the delay in blogging. BUT here is the update on us:

On Friday morning we left Ric & Kim's house & had rain ALL day. We rode in the rain for about 50+ miles until I was just over it. Joe was having a grand ole time :P but I didn't want to ride in the headwinds and rain anymore so we started looking for places to camp in Gulf Port, Mississippi. The RV park wouldn't let us camp there for some weird reason and the fire station had no place to camp or any better ideas than a hotel...so we ended up getting a hotel that night.  I was just so happy to be out of that rain. The next day was much easier. We were headed to New Orleans!!

Saturday we did about 75 miles. It was sunny and we had a tailwind so it was a really awesome day. Joe and I had no place to stay Saturday night. We contacted about 15 people and 1 person got back to us (Emily) and said she couldn't have people stay this weekend. So we were on our way to New Orleans and really didn't like the idea that we had no place to sleep. Mainly because there are very sketchy areas and we don't know the town...and we definitely didn't want to camp. We still headed there anyways hoping that we would figure it out. About 20 miles away from the city Emily asked us if we had found a place to stay and she ended up getting her friend Owen to host us! SWEET we have a place to stay. Both Emily and Owen just got back from a bike tour through California so we were stoked to talk to them. Even though Emily couldn't have us at her house, she did say she would show us around town!! Both of them met us at the New Orleans Museum of Art and all of us biked around town. We went to a drive-in daiquiri place! But biked of course...then went to The Fly (a park) and watched the sunset. A lot of people were hanging out there on blankets and just enjoying being outside. It was awesome :) After the park we got some sushi at Origami YUMM! Joe said it was the best mango sushi he's ever had. Then we headed to their friend, Luis' house and had a couple drinks on the back deck. It was an awesome day & I'm glad we met Emily & Owen! OH & both of them lived in Charleston before New Orleans...how crazy?!

Sunday morning Joe and I woke up early and went to breakfast at this cute bagel place called the Humble Bagel. You can watch them as they make all of the bagels from scratch! Then we just moseyed around to another coffee shop. Later on Owen took us on a bike tour around town. We went to Cafe Du Monde and had some coffee with beignets! I loved biking around the city...we did about 15 miles today just going around! Time to get back on schedule in the morning. 530am alarm!


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