Relaxing in Gulf Shores

September 9, 2015
Pensacola,FL  -> Gulf Shores: 42miles
Average Speed: 11.8mph
Time on Bikes: 3:30hrs

We left Tony & Charyse's house after having cinnamon rolls that they made us (YUMM)! Our goal for the day was to make it to the post office in Gulf Shores to pick up a package we had sent there. So we rode a little bit then had a coffee break (as usual) at Mojo Cafe. We met a guy there that gave us $5 off this place for lunch down the road which was very nice of him, but we thought it was too early for lunch. We were almost to Gulf Shores when BAM we made it to Alabama :) After a week and 540 miles of being in Florida, we finally made it to Alabama. On top of that, we were on the beach for once! I knew I had to enjoy it, because it would be the last time I saw the coast until we got to California. Shortly after getting into Alabama we got to the post office. However, the package wasn't there yet so we decided to relax near the beach :)  We had some lunch and drinks at The Hangout. Later we were biking around looking for a place to camp when Joe pulled up to the Holiday Inn Express and had already reserved a room for us. What a treat!! :) I was so excited! In just over a week on this trip, I'm appreciating everything like a big bed, shower, AC, a nice breakfast, internet, outlets...tiny things in life that you wouldn't think twice about. 

Anyways, we enjoyed every minute of it and had a delicious complimentary breakfast an hour ago. Complimentary breakfast is awesome when you're on a tour! You can eat as much as you want haha. We stayed the night in Gulf Shores hoping that our package would arrive this morning, but it doesn't look like it is going to. We are probably just going to head out in an hour and forget about the package...we realized that we need to send ourselves stuff MORE than a week in advance. Ok, we're off...on the road again...

We all just woke up :P


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