First Day on the Road

St. Augustine -> Palatka, FL : 51 miles

We attempted to leave St. Augustine early in the morning, but of course we had to say our goodbye's to Joe's mom and dad. We also decided to add several miles to our morning and bike to the beach and dip our tires in the Atlantic Ocean! The day overall was quite hot, as expected, but it made for a slow going first day. We both need to get our touring legs back in shape.

We made it to Palatka for the night and ended up stopping at the local fire station to ask for good places to camp in town. The Fire Marshal, Mark offered for us to camp in his back yard. Mark and Jill, his wife, ended up being the nicest and most generous people ever! They gave us showers, a camper to sleep in, beer, and they fed us dinner! It was more than we could of ever hoped for. Thank you soooo much!!!


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