Zion National Park

October 27, 2015
Kanab -> Zion National Park: 42 miles

Kanab is a really cool town...I would suggest visiting and having a car with you. It's in the middle of 3 awesome parks: the Grand Canyon, Zion, & Bryce. Joe and I would have definitely visited Bryce if we had a car, because most people that we met said they LOVE Bryce and Zion. 

I can't get over how beautiful Zion is!! If you asked me, I would pick Zion over the Grand  Canyon by far! As soon as we got into the park we probably stopped every 500ft to take a picture. Gigantic cliffs on either side of us with green, tall trees spread out everywhere...it was so beautiful!! There are 2 tunnels you have to drive through when going through the park and one of the tunnels doesn't allow bicycles. So you have to hitch a ride through the tunnel. We waited and another touring couple (from West Virginia), Chris & Becky, pulled up also waiting for a ride. I told them about camping and how the campgrounds were booked in Zion, but if joe and I found a spot that we would save room for them. Eventually a super nice family with a sprinter van took us through to the other side. & The other side of the tunnel was even more beautiful! It was just more grande with bigger cliffs surrounding you :) I was very sad I didn't have my camera. 

The campgrounds were full, but I think there was a designated spot for walk-ins because they gave us the only one open. Chris & Becky pulled up not too long after and all of us shared a campsite. Talk about an awesome campsite! It was right next to the river and just an amazing view :) 

We love Becky & Chris they are really cool people. We made dinner, talked quite a bit, & decided to do Angels Landing hike together super early in the morning!

biking through Zion!

Campsite in Zion (before Becky & Chris got there)

October 28, 2015
Zion -> St. George, UT: 41.5 miles

We woke up early-ish and headed to angels landing. It was overcast so the sun never really came up. All of us were so excited to do the Angels Landing hike. We've had tons of people tell us that it is a must & do it either early in the morning or late in the evening, because it's so crowded otherwise! It was an awesome hike & Joe made a rock pile at the top. There are parts where there is a chain to hold on to because on either side of you is 1,000 foot drop...scary! After the hike all four of us did 40 miles to St. George where Becky found us a place to stay via Couch Surfing. We stayed with Kate & Caiden and it was Kate's birthday!! They were having a birthday party for her with cake, ice cream and all! We played a crazy card game that ended up being really fun even though we didn't know ANY of the rules when we started. 

taking it all in :)

Chris & Becky

They are huge Harry Potter fans :) as you can see


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