Slab City + Salvation Mountain

November 15, 2015
Salton Sea -> Brawley, CA: 45 miles

On our way to Brawley we stopped by Slab City. It's kind of in the middle of nowhere and almost everyone lives in a camper or tent. There is no electricity or running water so everyone lives off the grid. It's definitely a site to see. People come visit slab city to check out Salvation Mountain, a giant hill painted with bible verses by this dude Leonard Knight. Pretty crazy! There's even a mound that you can walk inside with a prayer room and a bunch of tiny rooms. 

After checking that out we booked it to Brawley where we had a warm showers set up. The wind was going crazy on the way there. Luckily we got to Bill and Teresa's house just as the wind started blowing 20mph. Bill was at a local (once a year) Rodeo when we got into town. We swung by to watch from the top of a hill. That night Teresa made an awesome dinner with butternut squash, salad, and chicken YUM! They were more than welcoming and it was the coolest thing...they had 5 giant birds! All of them were on the porch sitting on their own perch when we arrived :) 


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