Salton Sea

November 14, 2015
Indio -> Bombay Beach: 47 miles

Left Deede & Richards house and headed to the Salton Sea! For anyone that doesn't know about the Salton Sea it's the largest body of water in California. It was made by accident in 1905. Engineers were trying to get water in the area for farming and dug canals from the Colorado River. The Colorado River overflowed one year and drained into their canals for 2 years and created the Salton Sea. It's super salty so there are dead fish everywhere. Tilapia is the only fish in the water, however, there are about 400 species of bird.

The coolest part about the area is that in the 1950's the Salton Sea was a HUGE summer destination. Due to agricultural runoff, pollution, and salinity of the lake it's basically been deserted. The fish died off except for tilapia. All along the shores there are abandoned buildings and signs of a once awesome summer destination. I didn't get many pictures of the buildings like I wanted, but I'll go back one day and do that...when I have a car.

Most people probably wouldn't want to camp there, but it wasn't too bad. We found a spot with no dead fish :P

leaving Deede & Richard's

first sight of the Salton Sea

gross. dead fish everywhere...EVERYWHERE

see....not so bad of a spot


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