Leaving Vegas - Into the Snow

(Oh by the way my camera got fixed about a week ago! YAY!! Joe somehow convinced the Best Buy people to exchange my lens for free!) 

November 3, 2015
Las Vegas -> Jean: 30 miles

The 4 of us left on Tuesday morning, stopped by the Las Vegas sign that we hadn't seen yet, and made our way towards Jean, NV. There was a headwind all day and considering we didn't start biking until after lunch we didn't make it too far. Jean is only 30 miles outside of Las Vegas and thats where we stayed for the night. Before we set up camp we stopped by the gas station in town. People were insanely nice and asked us all about our trip. One guy handed Becky money out of nowhere. We met a sheriff at the gas station that said we could camp anywhere in town. We went down a dirt road and found a spot. We could see a casino from camp :P

saying bye to Wyatt

the dogs didn't want us to leave :)

view from our campsite

November 4, 2015
Still in Jean, NV

Woke up in a panic. It was super windy so I woke joe up and asked him to check the radar. There was a huge storm coming and we all started packing up as fast as we could.  Denny's in the distance sounds way better than waiting in the tent in a storm. Becky and Chris packed up faster than us and started heading towards Denny's. Chris realized he had a flat tire as he was leaving! With his new tires. All of us rushed to Denny's and somehow made it without getting wet. We've been at Denny's waiting out the storm, but we're about to start biking in about 30 minutes. I would love some warm weather already!! 

Denny's is in the casino haha

we're not in a rush...no reason to bike in that


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