October 30, 2015
Mesquite, NV -> LAS VEGAS: 86 miles

 Long day for us, but we wanted to make it into Las Vegas! Joe's cousin Wyatt lives in Vegas and said we could stay with him so we just wanted to book it into town even if it was dark. It was a beautiful ride into the city! We arrived just as it was getting dark & the four of us were biking in the city lights in the middle of Las Vegas. It was pretty awesome. We went straight to Wyatt's work, Vdara Hotel. We had a couple drinks, walked around, saw the Bellagio lights, and waited a couple hours for Wyatt to get off work. Once Wyatt got off we got some craft beers and stayed up all night at Wyatt's house.

The next few days we stayed in Vegas. Halloween was awesome, but we didn't see as many crazy costumes as we thought. Chris, Becky, Joe, and I all walked along the strip, got some free shots and drinks! On November 1st we went out to a nice dinner at Honey was so good! We were going to go out downtown, but we were pretty tired so we just went back to Wyatt's.

Monday = Monday night football and sports betting. We went to a showroom and watched the Colts vs. Panthers. Wyatt and his friends are pretty into sports betting so we just tagged along with them. Once you place a bet you get free drink tickets for the showroom. One of Wyatt's friends, Nate, was loved by one of the ladies that hands out drink tickets...we had enough free drinks for a party of 30 people...and there were 8 of us. Joe and I left the game early and went to a Cirque du Soleil show called LOVE. It was the Beatles show and it was awesome!! I love it so much, my mom has been to Las Vegas several times and told me that I needed to go to a Cirque du Soleil show.

Joe and I have a relaxed schedule for the rest of the month. We have an event in Glamis to get to on November 15th and it is only a few days away on a bike. The 2 of us have been trying to figure out what we want to do with our time and where we want to go. Becky and Chris were going to leave Las Vegas on Monday, but were waiting for Chris' new tires to come in the mail. He's had lots of flats and upgraded to Shwalbe tires. The average life span is 10,000 miles and Shwalbe tires are super thick, they rarely go flat. With all of this waiting around we all decided that the 4 of us should bike towards Los Angeles together. Joe and I are going to bike almost to the coast with them, then turn around and head towards Glamis. Tuesday morning we are heading out!

Vegas on the horizon! 

the beautiful lights! 

Wyatt's bottle cap collection

Becky is a chef and wanted to check out a nice restaurant in town :)

the most expensive bottles we've seen

Becky helping Wyatt with a paper

so many free drink tickets! this was maybe 1/4 of them


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