5 Days in the Dunes

November 16, 2015
Brawley -> Glamis: 29 miles

The group that we were meeting in Glamis wasn't supposed to be there until 2pm. We are only about 30 miles away...AND going to have a cranking tail wind. It will only take us 2 hours to get there and we couldn't really get there early, because we would just be sitting in the sand waiting. So we went to Starbucks first thing in the morning. Walmart was just next-door too and we always need something from there so we kept busy for a little bit. Eventually we had run out of things to do in Brawley. There's not much going on there. Not to mention the group is stuck in traffic and won't be to Glamis until dark. Joe and I decided to head there anyways and bike SUPER slow. 

We still beat them there haha. Ryan got there early too and we just hung out until the rest of the crew got there. Just so you know the crew: Ryan S., DeAnna, Kirk, Curtis, Ryan R., Trey, Brady, Dave, me & Joe and Dave & Sean came for a few days too. Once everyone arrived we set up camp and got the toys out of the RV's then ate dinner around the campfire. Joe came to Glamis with all of the same people and more in February of this year so he knew the drill. That included a night time ride through the dunes. That was awesome!! 

November 17-20
Hanging out in Glamis

This week was AWESOME! To tell you what this week was all about: Ryan Shaw has a paramotoring business and had this great idea to bring a couple RV's, ATV's, parameters, and a RZR to Glamis for a week. So it's basically a paramotoring event and everyone there knows how to fly...except for me. That was alright though...I had a great time taking pictures.  Everyday went mostly like this: wake up to coffee, everyone went flying if the wind was good, and if the wind wasn't good we went for a ride on the ATV's. At night we sat around the campfire and every night was basically a party haha and there would always be a late night ride through the dunes. 

The wind was too rough to fly the first day and we thought the trip was going to be cut short because the wind forecast looked bad for thursday, friday, & saturday. The wind ended up being perfect! I'll just list some highlights of the week: DeAnna rolled the RZR and popped the tire off the rim, a lot of people flipped ATV's, Joe destroyed a wing, I flipped the RZR front over back and back on the wheels again, Trey went to the hospital, Ryan went to the hospital, I ejected Joe from the RZR (he flipped over it), Joe Brady & Ryan all got to go free flying off a huge sand dune, the Trio (Ryan, Trey & Joe) reunited :P , and I'm sure I'm missing something. It was a great time and I'm glad I got to be there :) DeAnna cooked us great food and I was stoked to get pictures of everyone flying. 

you can see part of camp in this picture

beautiful sunset!

Ryan free flying in the background!

the crew minus Dave & Sean


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