Rolling Through the Desert

November 7, 2015
Barstow -> Lucerne Valley, CA: 38 miles

We said our goodbyes to Becky and Chris as they head North to San Francisco. It was so much fun biking with them, sharing stories, and creating new stories :) Joe and I were heading South to warmer weather!! Hopefully warmer weather. One of the first places we stopped at was a cafe that had an off roading event for the weekend. There was a ton of people there! We ordered some burgers and headed up the never ending hill.

The rest of the day was pretty boring. I could see our turn in the distance and it didn't look too far away, but took an hour or 2 to get to. I was very happy to get into town. We went to the gas station to stock up on water then headed out of town to find a place to camp. There was a fire station about a minute down the road. We stopped and asked them how safe town was, where we could set up our tent, etc. They said we could camp in the back and they would turn the sprinklers off for us :P

It ended up being a COLD night for us. Joe's sleeping pad deflated about 4 times during the night and we could hear the air leaking out of it. He was sleeping on the cold ground half of the night.

Joe calls this the creeper hill. It doesn't look like much, but it was definitely a climb.

November 8, 2015
Lucerne Valley -> Joshua Tree, CA: 53 miles

Early and chilly start to the day. We wanted to leave the fire station early so we didn't feel like we were imposing...even though we were camping out back. Spent our morning in Cafe 247 and had a very delicious breakfast! After that we headed towards Joshua Tree. The miles were going by very slowly. Long roads of sand and no landmarks. We passed by a cool spot with huge boulders and even debated on camping there because time was passing by so slowly. We kept on pedaling. At one point Joe said "With any luck we'll have a 5 mile downhill into town". That's exactly what we had! It was great coasting into Joshua Tree.

Earlier we spoke to a few people about where to stay. There was a Warm Showers couple that said we could camp in their yard, but their house was 5 miles out of the way. 5 miles isn't too far out of the way, but their house was also 5 miles up a steep hill so we decided not to do that. Joe talked to another guy that couldn't host us because he was out of town, but he gave us many camping options. One of them was The Pit, a plot of land that a guy owns and just lets people camp there. This was the more social option. With Joshua Tree being a big attraction for climbers there was usually other people camping there. We were the only ones there for the night, but it was still a cool spot. Great view of the town and we were smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood, but literally in a sand pit. You couldn't see the camp spot from the road or nearby houses.

It was so nice to have a fire for once. Joe got a fire started just as it was getting cold outside. I was able to cook dinner and not have to rush because I was cold. We had pasta with broccoli, cheese, and carrots. As I was cooking dinner Joe was gluing his sleeping pad so he didn't have another night of sleeping on the ground. 

Found this beer at a local grocery store. It was actually very good & perfect amount of spicy


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