Joshua Tree

November 9, 2015
Staying put in Joshua Tree

Woke up to the sun shining on our tent. I wanted to get up and make some coffee before Joe woke up. It was finally not freezing! For the past month it has been pretty cold. Cold enough to where Joe and I don't want to hangout outside the tent after the sun goes down and where we want to sleep in to wait for it to get warmer. I was happy to get up early this morning :) After talking to my mom on the phone (& getting exciting about seeing her in 2 weeks) I made some coffee and oatmeal with raisins and granola. My mom is coming to visit me in San Diego!! Joe's mom AND my mom are going to meet us in San Diego in 2 weeks when we arrive. We're all going to spend Thanksgiving together. I CANNOT wait!

Like I said before, Joe and I have some time to kill. We're going to the Glamis sand dunes for a fun week with ATV's, flying paramotors, and hanging out with close friends. That starts November 16 and we're only about 170 miles away from Glamis. We could get there with 3 easy days of riding...and we have 6 days from today.

Our day consisted of wandering around town, hanging out at the library, and getting coffee. Joe and I decided we would bike into the national park tomorrow instead of today. The wind was cranking and it would be at our faces if we tried going to the park. We planned on camping at The Pit again. The other campsite in town got shut down so that was kind of our only option.

We stopped by a store to stock up on 2 days worth of water and met Chris. Him and his wife Jill are camping in the park and offered their campsite for us to camp in! Which is awesome because that saves us $20. We said we will see them tomorrow when we head that way!

The night was fun. We had bourbon and coke in our aluminum mugs. Played a card game then made some spaghetti dinner. We were sitting behind a mound of sand so that we were blocked by the chilly wind.

I slept pretty well until about 1:30am when Joe said "hey can I use your camera? I can't sleep so I'm going to try and take a Milky Way shot". So of course I get up too and it's actually not freezing outside like I thought it would be. Joe had been studying what settings are best for starry night pictures. With little help from me he got a really awesome picture...I was impressed.


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