Hidden Valley

November 10, 2015
Joshua Tree -> Joshua Tree National Park: 13 miles

Somehow it's so hot when we wake up. With the sun beating down on the tent. Yet still managed to be cold while riding through Joshua Tree National Forest. I was not feeling too great though. We rode 14 miles to the campsite that Chris & Jill said they would share with us. It was the coolest campsite! Surrounded by boulders and basically in the middle of a ton of climbs. Every which way you look there would be a person on the top of a huge rock.

We scurried up one next to our campsite and it was awesome watching people lead climb on the next wall over. Had a great view from the top and apparently that was the only place anyone could get service around haha

In the next campsite there was a sprinter van that we were told we had to go checkout. Joe was very intrigued since we might want to get one in the future. It was awesome...you could tell they put a lot of time into it. Joe and I ended up hanging out by their fire after dinner and Chris & Jill came over too. Everyone was so generous with their food! Joe and I ended up getting a second dinner :)

saw this guy crossing the road! 

We were debating setting up camp in this rock. It was so cool! Would have been too cold though 

Me, Joe, Jill, & Chris

campsite for the night :)


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