Back to the Real World

Were home! And its great to be back! I know I missed our second to last day's blog and so Ill make up for that with this follow-up (that I have been everything short of forced to write). Its not that I don't want to write the last blog, but I have been so overwhelmed by being home that I haven't felt like I've had time to collect my thoughts, or even sit down for a moment. I want to describe this overwhelming experience as something like culture shock. We had become so used to having one pair of clothing and only the possessions we carry on our bikes, so now when I sit in my room and look at all the clothes I have and the belongings that are part of everyday life, I feel stressed that there is so much to take care of and keep track of. This has even prompted me to clean out my room, and I am about to take a few overstuffed boxes to Good Will. Our last day was awesome, and also so unbelievable. It went by so quickly I have very little to say about it. The ride in was so nice, and went by way to quick! As we rode past the familiar places it didn't even register (and I don't think it has yet) what we had just completed. It was great to see everyone at the beach, and I want to thank everyone who came out. Great to see my family and so many familiar faces! We had talked about whether or not we would go swimming and I'm glad we did, it couldn't have felt better to be in the water in our hometown! Now its over and I'm just about ready to be traveling again, haven't made it back on my bike yet, but I'm sure it will happen soon enough. Thanks again to everyone who supported us. Glenda and Clay at Bay Area Bikes, everything you guys set us up with was perfect, and the bikes are, as everyone says, bombproof. Simply Smiles and CT Challenge thanks for all the support and I'm glad we got to work with both of these charities. Health Warrior, I'm still eating chia, the stuff is great! Thanks to the Gubinskis for the welcome home barbeque. Thanks to everyone who donated! And I hope to see everyone tomorrow!   


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