And then there were two. 9/30

Today we got up a bit earlier so we could try to make it into town around one. The morning was really cold, at least as cold as our coldest night in the mountains, and tomorrow is supposed to be even colder. The nice part about the morning was nothing was wet! For once we had dry tents to pack up. We got on the road just before sunrise and watched it come up as we started our day. The riding was really flat, but we did have a solid 20 mile side wind and by the end of the day we had turned into it. At this point the wind doesn't even bother me, it's just part of the day, kind of like a hill climb. We made it into Elmira and had lunch and then we parted with Paul. Tonight we are staying at Cornell and Paul planned on taking a break day in the next town over. It's funny how long it feels like he has been riding with us. Not long till we are back in Fairfield!

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