Everything seems tiny. Having donned a set of normal person clothes (what a feeling) I got into my car and aimlessly drove around town. I should probably mention that while pumping gas I attempted to dislodge a pebble from one of my back tires (silly silly behavior). As I drove I knew something was amiss but not until I was looking out from Sasco beach did I realize what it was. The process of covering such an inconceivable distance has skewed my sense of distance and space. I would imagine that it is my minds way of coping with what I forced it to accept as normal for the past two months, a defense mechanism if you will.  Yet now it has the affect of making everything seems drastically smaller. Apparently normal life may take a little getting used to, but what an amazing feeling it is to finally be home!
I apologize for the delay in entries, yesterday was a bit overwhelming, as well I was waiting for my partner to write tuesdays entry. And as I am not in his immediate vicinity I can't just nudge him to write it. It is conceivable that I could call him but it is kind of nice enjoying our separate space.
Yesterday morning may very well have been one of the longest moments of the entire trip. At any other point in our journey we would have relished in the joy of all the downtime and hotel amenities, yet I was far too anxious to complete our journey. Finally it was 11 o'clock and we rode the two miles to meet up with my father, Brad, Aili, Ann Marie and my sister, just this was too much to comprehend and generally overwhelming. The rest of the ride is an absolute blur of emotions upon sighting familiar locations and people. It was as though our trip had been exponentially accelerating for the past few days and it had just hit the point in the curve of no return. I do recall that riding over the train station bridge felt really really good, when cycling normally that hill slows me down to 22mph, yet yesterday I crested it doing 32mph. I think that my adrenaline and knowing that Ellie, Jake and Roger were waiting at the library were contributing factors. I immensely enjoyed my sisters as well as neighbors signs on the final stretch. Running into the water stands out as feeling indescribably good. As I said before the day was a blur and doesn't quite feel real. 
At one point I found myself thinking "wow we have amazingly nice neighbors". It was extremely fitting that after experiencing such tremendous hospitality and generosity across the country we would finish on the same note. It seems impossible to properly thank all the family and friends that supported us and made this entire trip possible, we really could not have done it without you. Thanks again to Glen and Clay at Bay Area bikes who quite literally made this possible by setting us up with outstanding equipment - that certainly gets my seal of approval, as well as to Health Warrior for providing us with the necessary nutrition in our greatest moments of need, who knows where we would be without Chia! It was great working with Simply Smiles and the Connecticut Challenge,  truly an honor to be affiliated with both organizations and the people behind them. This entry seems lacking as numerous thoughts keep coming to me, this will probably mean you may see a few more entries in the coming days. In closing my body also doesn't quite realize that it has made it home as my leg muscles are twitching with unspent energy. It is not out of the question that I could find myself on a bike later today.   -Lucas 


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