Very close!

It is quite tempting to ride as hard as we can until we are home, yet we promised a Wednesday arrival so we shall arrive on Wednesday. It is also enjoyable to take more leisurely days mileage wise for this last leg of the trip.
We started decently early but it was rather slow going as there were some impressive climbs. While stopped at a gas station we were instructed to a shortcut that was supposed to be more scenic as well as less hilly. Perhaps the first was correct but certainly not the later. It seems that the shortcut was essentially to go through the lower catskills rather then around them. This translated to a solid 2 hours of climbing and the sight of a sign claiming steep grade for the next 4 miles was worthy of a celebration. The celebration was in the form of lunch at the bottom. Following lunch we were miserably cold and then instantly soaked in sweat due to one last ridge. We are now camping (perhaps for the last time depending on what tomorrow has to offer) just outside of Montgomery, NY. Can't wait to be home!-Lucas


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