This Way to New York

It's great to be seeing signs for New York City! We are getting so close and from where we are staying tonight we have only about 160 miles to go. It's just blows my mind that were actually as close as we are. We started out the day with a great breakfast at Roberta and Kevin's house as we waited for the rain to pass. Thankfully it eventually did and we got going after changing a slow leaking tube on Lucas' bike. It was great staying with Kevin and Roberta, and just want to thanks for everything, we had a great time! As we headed east the day got nicer and nicer. The clouds cleared and the sun even came out. It was still really cold, but once we were riding we were warm enough. Today we had a few good climbs, some of the biggest since Missouri, but also some great downhills. At lunch Lucas found us a nice shortcut that cut off 11 miles from our route allowing us to get one more town down the road by the end of the day. Also it put us on a really cool small dirt road up on the banks of a river. Unfortunately there was no where good to camp but we bartered with the owner of the small local hotel to get down to a reasonable price. Good to be somewhere warm after a day of cold riding. - Joe.


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