85 Mile Break Day

Welcome to Colorado! Fourth state of the trip! Colorado brought us a much better day then yesterday. We started the day quite late, getting on the road at 10 am. The route today was broken up by a small town every 20 or so miles, and we set out with the intention of taking it easy, one town at a time. After getting into Colorado we had rolling hills ahead of us, through farm lands and fields that extended right up to the mountains we could see off in the distance. The day was incredibly easy compared to yesterday, along with the scattered breaks, today brought our spirits up quite a bit. We got into Dolores at around 7, and got really lucky on a place to stay for the night. We happen to ask a girl at the gas station for directions to the local camping, and she offered to let us stay in her front yard. Great to meet some locals and have them show us around a bit. Tomorrow into the Rockys. Can't believe were here already. - Joe


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