New State, New Time Zone! August 18

Just want to start by saying that I'm laying in grassy field in Milford, Utah, after an 85 mile day, and I'm realizing how lucky I am to be on a trip like this. And thanks to everyone who contributed. If you haven't already made a donation get on Simply Smiles or CT Challenge and donate!
  So today was a great day. Like I said it was one of our longest and we had two 1500 ft hill climbs, but it wasn't a hard day at all, it all went by really quick it seemed. We started the morning by crossing into Utah and into Mountain time. The last few days we have begun to notice that we have traveled far enough east that the sun is  setting much earlier, crossing the time zone confirmed this. As the day went on, the land scape really began to change, the rock is getting redder and there are massive rock outcroppings around each corner. We also went through a pretty big thunderstorm. We were right on the edge but we waited it out on the side of the road. I think we made the right decision by choosing the long route, and a few people have told us how beautiful our next few hundred miles will be. Tonight we got into town and found this field where we can camp for free and we just had a swim and a shower at the pool across the street. Life isn't so bad! Tomorrow we head a bit south to Cedar City where we are going to take our first break day, before climbing the 10,000 ft peak out of town. And then we head east again to check out some of Utah's parks. - Joe


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