I spell it as such due to the fact that if Joe mispronounces it again the bartender claims he will kick us out. I guess I now need to explain that this bar is the only roof within fifty miles so the consequences of that would be dire. Even as I write this at 7:30 pm it is unbearable to be outside standing still. Thankfully we are enjoying an all you can eat dinner and endless amounts of cold water. We have also found ourselves in the middle of a biker festival and the people here could not be nicer.
Today is our seventh day on the road and we are starting to fall into a routine of rising and setting with the sun. Although the full moon has made it eerily bright even at night, to the point that no stars are visible. It is hard to describe the sensation of such gradual travel. You observe everything as it passes and then all of a sudden you are uncomprehendingly far from where you started. Nevada is even more bizarre in terms of time and distance as it is hard to discern whether you are looking five miles out or fifty. I will also find myself struggling on a downhill at 12 mph only to look back a half hour later to discover that I have actually climbed 400 feet. Other then that we have been enjoying the so called loneliest road in the country, the hardest part is getting accustomed to drinking hot water by the end of the day. -Lucas


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