The days are starting to blur. 8/14

Another day in Nevaaaada, and man the scenery is cool. We come across so many things that we want to take pictures of but the landscape is just to large to portray in a picture. We started off a bit slow leaving the biker bar and saying goodbye to all our new friends from the night before. Some really interesting and nice people. Then we set out over a few peaks which all led to huge plains, all with route 50 headed straight out in front of us, showing right where our next 10 miles would lead. The road here is so straight and the scenery almost repeats it self over every hill which at times makes the miles go by a bit slow. A few times we had a decent tail wind which helps, and at others a light head wind is quite discouraging. It's amazing we have been on the road for just over a week now and we have already stayed at so many places it's hard sometimes to keep the days, and where we stayed, in order. Tonight we got into Austin just before a thunderstorm rolled through, but after the rain, found a few other bikes headed west and we will camp with them tonight. 68 miles today. A few more climbs tomorrow. - Joe

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