Back up to Altitude

I guess it shouldn't be much of a surprise that today and tomorrow revolve around climbing as we began the morning at 5,800 ft and will be at 11,300 ft tomorrow afternoon. Sadly that isn't one gradual climb I am describing but rather there are lots of ups and downs. The initial climb was in my opinion harder then necessary due to a headwind. As well our first destination of Cimmaron was not nearly as charming as the the mental picture we had created. It was a town of 4 people and it might better be described as downright desolate. If the reader is starting to fear for our day do not despair, the headwind disappeared on the next harder climb and an animated conversation carried us to the summit. The third climb was on a road the could only be described as harry as it lacked a guard rail, shoulder and was one hairpin turn after the next. This summit gave us the gift of a gorgeous lake as well as a ripping tailwind. The remainder of the 70 miles to Gunnison flew by allowing us time to stop at a river and for Joe to try white water kayaking. His first attempt was more akin to sticking your head in a washing machine more then anything else but apparently it was just the rush he needed and he was hooked (at least for the moment). We are carb loading at 8,000 ft in preparation for Monarch Pass. - Lucas


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