Downhill August, 28

It's amazing how routine this all has become. What's nice is that we have gotten really good at making the milage each day. Some are a bit harder than others and some are really easy, but I just know I'm gonna be on my bike all day, and it's gotten really enjoyable to just ride, once you get past that. Today was one of the easy days. Got up in Telluride and took our time. I was hesitant to leave such a cool place with a free gondola to what could have been some awesome down-hilling mountain biking (at least I imagine). We also put some new grips on our bikes since the old ones were starting to wear. Once we got going we had a long down hill that led to a 1500 ft climb. Not so bad. And then it was steep down hill from there. I looked down and was surprised I was going 52.2 mph. Little fast. We stopped for a leisurely lunch at the bottom of the steep incline and then realized a stiff head wind just built up. So instead of killing ourselves again working against the wind we checked out a local train museum. Once the wind subsided we got going again, now with what must have been light tail winds and a slight downhill because we flew to the next town. We decided to stay the night a bit short of our planned destination to make it sort of an easy day in anticipation of the climbs ahead. Got a deal on a cabin too at the local KOA, as cheap as a tent site! 73 miles down. Seems like just the other day that 73 miles, even downhill, would have been a long day. Up hill all day tomorrow. - Joe.


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