Hot and long

I apologize but there is no way to skirt around the fact that today was bad. The temperature last night never dropped below 90 and a dust storm kicked up after dark. Joe and I hardly slept as we were soaked in sweat and covered in grim. In an effort to avoid the heat we woke at 3:45 and starting riding in the dark (not to worry, plenty of safety lights). Progress was slow as we had a 55 mile uphill with 20+ knot winds. Normally it would have just been a long 80 mile day but the heat (100+) took it to a different level. We were seriously struggling within the first 20 miles. No service for the entire distance meant I was carrying 12 liters of water and with ten miles to go we were struggling with thirst. I flagged down a car and thankfully they gave us some ice water. Even more amazingly they returned 20 minutes later with another 4 liters of water, apparently we must have looked pretty rough. The day had been so hard that this gesture very nearly brought tears to my eyes. Joe claims if he knew today was going to happen he would not have done the trip.
In the end we made it to town and as we sit here cooking dinner having rehydrated and showered our spirits are greatly improving. We may take it easier tomorrow morning and thankfully there are plenty of towns along the way (picture multiple coffee and pastry breaks). I also apologize for not highlighting the scenery, I imagine it was amazing unfortunately all I saw today was the road. -Lucas

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  1. great post lucas maybe should have saved this story till you got home.


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