Tricky start August 15th

We started the day early (awake at 5 and on the road before 7) in the hope that we would get the tough climbs over with before the heat set in. The plan worked well enough with the first 1,600 feet of vertical being as enjoyable as could be expected. Unfortunately at the summit we somehow managed to get a total of 3 flats in a span of minutes between the two of us. At this point a sense of paranoia set in, subsequently I spent the next hour examining my tires with a pair of tweezers removing shards of metal and thorns when necessary. We had lost our early start but did enjoy a gorgeous descent into a seemingly endless plain; the view to our left disappeared into a misty haze undoubtedly over 80 miles away. We were also treated to a view of a few snow patches that somehow managed to cling to the uppermost peaks.
The plain proved to be an all day affair with the mountains that held our destination of Eureka an elusive target. Midday did find us at the only rest stop we have thus far come across on highway 50. We were thrilled as this was not your typical rest stop, as it did not have the common rest stop theme of bathrooms, but instead a ten by ten awning offering shade!
After covering the 73 miles we enjoyed coffee and pastries at a Cafe and were then instructed to shower at the local pool and to camp in the town park at no expense, what a lovely town! I just realized that we have not been keeping the reader updated with our total distance, which at this point is 576 miles! -Lucas


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